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Harken Scythe

Welcome to the Unofficial Harken Scythe Minecraft Mod WikiEdit

Welcome to the unofficial wiki for the Harken Scythe mod for Minecraft.

What is Harken Scythe?Edit

Harken Scythe is a Minecraft mod based around using tools and relics to harvest souls and create new tools, materials, armour and abilities with them. It was created by Jade Knightblazer, it's name was inspired by the Lady Blade, Harken, from the Wild Arms series. She used a deadly scythe which she used to reap the guardians power. There are loads of new things it adds to Minecraft, making it a great mod that makes Minecraft more sinister and yet more fun.


Harken Scythe adds many new features. Here are a few:

  • Scythes: New weapons with a bonus to harvesting and a special attack!
  • Livingmetal: A new iron-based material that regenerates after time!
  • Soul Farming: A way to farm souls to use as a new power system!
  • Soulweave: A type of wool that gives bonuses!
  • Relics: Talismans, Amulets, Mirrors, and Goblets!
  • Spectral and Lunar Glass: A special type of glass that becomes an illusion at different times of day!
  • Harvest Moon: A new phase of the moon that gives special bonuses. Let the Culling of the New Moon begin!
  • Spectral Dye: Dye your clothes to be invisble!
  • Alter of Souls and Soul Crucible: A way to use souls to make items better!
  • Spectral Potions: Make Holy Water or Defiles Flame!
  • Harbinger: A new mob that carries a scythe!
  • Asgard Shield support: This mod specially supports Asgard Shield mod!

Latest activityEdit

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